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Some people in society achieve greatness, others just aspire to greatness. But is there a formula to living a successful life?

Many people think so, and the key to success just got easier when I recently had the opportunity to review and be impressed by Amazing Self, a self-help course by Amanda Selby and 7-figure internet entrepreneur Mark Ling.

At first glance, there is a lot of reading here. The first issue of this 12-edition personal development product is a weighty 196 pages, so it's definitely not what I would call light reading.

If you read the copy on the web page it makes grand promises of breakthroughs in a number of key life areas, including the law of attraction, health and lifestyle, wealth creation, relationships, and mindset. The quality of the information both within the magazine and bonuses suggests these are claims that are backed up seriously in the volume of material available in the members download area.

The attractive magazine-style layout of the Amazing Self magazine offers a range of articles in each of the 4 sections of Health, Wealth, Relationships, and Mindset, written by a number of authors from within the Amazing Self stable. The articles were thought-provoking and contained a number of actionable tasks that I could apply immediately to my life.

To add further weight to this course, Amazing Self hosts an interview with a special guest each month, called the Amazing Journey Sessions, with guests coming from a range of disciplines and fields. The first interview is with best-selling author and founder of Simpleology, Mark Joyner as he shares his secrets to success. If the first interview is anything to go by, I eagerly look forward to future interviews.

In addition to the magazine, internet entrepreneur Mark Ling hosts two videos each month as part of the Abundant Wealth Series. Mark is already well known online for his work with Affilorama, so his wealth-generation and business advice is already well proven and is a highly valuable course component.

Amazing Self has also embraced the concept behind the law of attraction to full effect by releasing 6 bonus visualization videos with the first issue, and one new video to follow each month. It's a powerful and simple action to follow to visualize and help manifest your life goals and take you a step closer to achieving them every day!

One thing I am sure of is that Mark Ling and his team of specialists have created a course that is really going to deliver your dream life if you apply it.

Amazing Self has assembled a team of renaissance people with expertise in every area of life: dating and relationship coaches, health and fitness experts, wealth creation gurus, self made millionaires, marriage counselors, self-improvement authors, life coaches, plus regular guest interviews from industry-leading experts!

If you are looking for a no-nonsense guide to reaching your goals and dreams, I highly recommend you check out Amazing Self:

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