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Amazing Self
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Monthly Subscription
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$37 billed monthly
In a nutshell, Amazing Self is a self-improvement system of tips, tools, and techniques for improving the 4 key areas of your life: Health, Wealth, Relationships, and Mindset.
Buyers Receive:
A monthly Amazing Self Magazine. This quality publication of life-accelerating articles and insights written by our team of authors is nearly 200 pages of inspiration and instruction per issue. Read, learn, and develop new ways to challenge yourself to set health, wealth, relationships, and mindset goals... and achieve them! Discover some of the life-changing mindsets of our authors who have achieved self-improvement success and apply their secrets to your own life!
An Amazing Journey Sessions Interview. You'll be amazed at how each of these monthly interviews dramatically improves your outlook, equips you with the tool and tactics you need to thrive and opens up entirely new worlds of possibility.
The Abundant Wealth Series Video Series. Each month, you'll join internationally-acclaimed wealth creation genius Mark Ling as he reveals the latest proven ways to effortlessly attract and generate untold riches in your life as he shares two video presentations in each monthly installment.
Amazing Self Guided Visualization Mind Movies. Each month you'll receive guided visualization movies, courtesy of Mind Movies to assist you in your goal setting and achievement. This is a powerful tool, utilizing the law of attraction in the same way that many successful entrepreneurs and high-flyers in life are!
So to recap, buyers receive: 1 Amazing Self 250-page magazine, plus 2 Amazing Journey interviews plus transcripts, 2 Abundant Wealth videos, and 6 Guided Visualization mind movies... all for $37 for the first issue!
And remember... buyers can have all of this on a per issue basis ($37).
How can Amazing Self be used?
Amazing Self is the ultimate self-improvement system that can be used to help you become your best self and achieve your life goals. The 4 key areas of life focus health, wealth, relationships, and mindset!
Use it if you are unhappy with where your life is going, feel you have settled for less than you are capable of, or just want to have a better relationship, a better body, better health, or be a more contented and positive person. Amazing Self is the system to propel you out of your comfort zone and show you tangible ways to achieve your life goals and go from strength to strength!
Use the Abundant Wealth Series to unlock paths to unlimited wealth in your life with wealth creation genius Mark Ling.
Use the Amazing Journey Sessions to delve into the self-improvement secrets of each new guest every month and discover their magic method to success!
Use the system and monthly issues to guide your thinking away from your limiting beliefs and towards new ways of tackling old problems. The results are fast and effective!
Use the Mind Movies to focus your positive thoughts as you face each day. By making this part of your daily routine, your goals and dreams will more quickly and effectively become reality!
Who is Amazing Self for?
Men and women who are tired of their boring lives and want to have a sense of purpose and achievement.
Guys and girls who have goals, but have no clear focus on what they need to do to achieve them.
Men and women of any age or ability who are tired of mediocrity and hunger to be the best person they can be.
Guys and girls who want better relationships, want to feel loved and love others better, and feel a greater sense of belonging in their lives.
Men and women who want more money or wealth in their lives. There are so many ways to maximize what you do with the money you have, plus great ideas for generationg new wealth into your life.
Guys and girls who want better health. Perhaps you want to feel more alive and energetic, or you want to shift that extra few pounds from your waistline, or you want to learn to eat better.
Men and women who are sick of talking themselves down. Often our biggest critic is ourselves, and it's easier to back away from the things you want than risk the embarrassment of failure. We challenge those mindsets and unlock new ways to think your way to success.
We pay a 60% commission on the initial sale and 50% recurring. THAT'S HUGE! All payments and commissions are processed using Clickbank - one of the longest serving, most trusted, and most user friendly digital product distributors.
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If you have any questions about the product or would like us to help with any further/customized promotional materials, feel free to email me - we appreciate the value of our affiliates and will do what we can to build a successful partnership.

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