Welcome to the Amazing Self Affiliate Program

Join The Amazing Self Affiliate Program and Earn 60% Commissions Promoting A Cutting-edge Personal Development Program Designed To Make People's Lives The Best They Can Possibly Be...

Why Should You Become an Affiliate?

It's free to join
You get 60% commission on the initial purchase, and 50% commission if people take the recurring option and 60% commission on any upsells taken.
All you need to do is send traffic to us. We do all the selling
We keep a well-stocked and constantly updated affiliate resource area, full of banners, swipe copy, articles, and other material for your promotions. And if you need something special made, just ask and we can most likely whip it up for free
If you promote the prelaunch for Amazing Self, we recookie the people you send us on each subsequent prelaunch and launch email that we send out, so as to minimize chances of any lost commissions.
You can feel good knowing you are not only getting great commissions, but you are also selling a product that makes real and lasting positive changes to people's lives!
We have many ways of converting the sale (even after the live launch we have other webinars and other ways of converting sales), even if the person buys later on (e.g a few weeks later) you'll still get credited with the sale.

60% Commission on Front End and Back End Sales!

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If you wish to get in touch, please use the contact link at the bottom of this page.

Kind regards,

Mark Ling
Managing Director, AmazingSelf
Skype: markling1979

P.S. The affiliate manager for Amazing Self is Andrew Rusbatch. His details are below:

Andrew Rusbatch
Affiliate Manager, Amazing Self
Email: affiliates@amazingself.com
Skype: andrew.rusbatch